ROK Leashes have a lifetime limited warranty for the original purchaser starting from the date of purchase. This limited warranty covers all parts and construction as originally supplied by us. Warranty does not cover damage, fraying or breakage due to chewing or misuse such as dragging on rough surfaces. If you have a problem, please return the Leash to place of purchase or send Leash and sales receipt to our address as advertised on User should inspect Leash regularly for signs of wear or damage and replace as necessary.


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Marathon Runner

I train to run marathons, and use my ROK stretch leash every day. It is great for controlling my dog in high traffic situations and gives us both more comfort when on an open road or trail.


Dog Walker

I am a dog care specialist and dog walker by profession. I find that the stretch leash works beautifully when paired with the ROK Coupler for walking multiple dogs at once.


Dog Owner

I recently adopted a recue puppy and have been to training classes with her regularely. The ROK Stretch leash is great for training especially when combined with the Martingale collar.